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Core Photography - Tips on Using Flash, Composition, White Balance & More!

Times You Should Use Your FlashTimes You Should Use Your Flash

Your external flash is your best friend in times when the available light just isn’t strong enough to illuminate your subject. We’ve all used flash at one time or another to help take group shots at events or parties, but how do we go beyond that harsh, snapshot look and get more out of our flash?
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Getting Creative with White BalanceControlling White Balance

White balance is one of things most people let their camera do for them. Lets face it, the camera does a pretty good job but it doesn't always get it right. White balance at it's core is the ability for your camera to neutralize colour temperatures.
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Shooting in the Winter Part 1Nikon's Superb ISO Auto

What is ISO? Simply put, it is the identical rating system Film used to have, called ASA; Sensitivity to light. The higher the number, the higher the sensitivity to light, meaning it will take less time to take a photo.
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The main focus of a lens is to collect light, and the aperture is the hole or opening through which light is admitted and then projected onto the sensor. In photography, the aperture is the diameter of the lens opening where the larger the diameter of the aperture, the more light that is allowed in to get to the sensor.
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Shooting in the Winter Part 1Shooting in the Winter Part 1

One of the major challenges when shooting outdoors in the winter is the snow. The snow presents some interesting challenges that make it one of the toughest scenes to shoot. Typically, when you shoot in the winter with snow on the ground, pictures tend to come out very dull and underexposed…
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Shooting in the Winter Part 1Shooting in the Winter Part 2

In Part 1 of Shooting in the Winter, we covered the most problematic situation you will encounter when shooting in the snow: How your camera gets confused when metering white snow. In this segment, lets talk about the right ways to care for your gear and some innovative tricks that may help you out in the cold.
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Perfect White Balance - Getting it right with camera presetsPerfect White Balance - Getting it right with camera presets

Many times I'm sure you've taken a shot and said to yourself, "That colour doesn't look right." It seems to yellow, blue, green or pink. Believe me you're not the only one who has come across this phenomenon.
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Perfect White Balance - Getting the Colour Perfect Every ShotPerfect White Balance - Getting the Colour Perfect Every Shot

When do you need accurate colour and why is it important? To really appreciate why you would want to use a custom white balance you have to put yourself into a few scenarios. Firstly, most of us hate spending time editing images after we've shot them.
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Buying a D-SLR Part 1Why Shoot Raw

If you've been following, to any degree, the news and trends coming out of the world of digital photography, there's no doubt you've heard about the Raw vs JPG debate that's been raging over the past few years.
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