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As the market leader in photo education since 2000, the Henry's Learning Lab has inspired over 100,000 students how to take better photos. Since opening in 1909, Henry's has evolved into Canada's largest independent, family owned and operated photo retailer. It's this sense of history that has made Henry's what it is known for today – knowledge, customer service, product selection and education. The Henry's Learning Lab courses are divided into 3 categories:

  • 1. Henry's Learning Lab – In Class
  • 2. Henry's Learning Lab – On Line powered by Kelby One
  • 3. Henry's Learning Lab – Live Events

Henry's Learning Lab – In Class

Taught by professional photo educators who are passionate about helping people learn, our hands on camera classes help students get the most out of their photo gear in a friendly & interactive environment. Our teachers cut through the jargon and help overcome common problems and add new creative dimensions to photos. Our most popular courses, Photo 101, 201 and 301: Lightroom Camp span five weeks. The instructor will help students complete a series of assignments that will equip them with the skills and inspiration needed to reveal their personal style!

Camera 101 Photo Classes are ideal for students looking to master the operation and menu options of their camera. Our team of professional photo educators will help you explore your camera's features in a fun, hands-on classroom environment. Our level 101 photo classes will help you learn how to overcome common problems, such as pictures turning out too dark or too light.

Camera 201: Creative Camera Control will teach you how to take control over your camera's exposure settings and control light and motion. It is recommended that students attend Camera 101 Photo prior to Camera 201 or have equivalent knowledge. This course is designed for any DSLR or Mirrorless camera user regardless of brand.

Drones 101: Ground School is the perfect course for anyone new to drones or interested in purchasing a drone. In this class, students will learn how to prepare your drone for its first flight as well as the regulations set by Transport Canada. With our help, you'll be able to start safely and confidently capturing photos and videos from an incredible bird's eye perspective.

Henry's Learning Lab: On Line

On Line learning powered by Kelby One is the perfect option for busy parents, professionals or photographers who prefer to learn on their own schedule. Kelby One has put together a team, led by renowned educator Scott Kelby, of nothing but the most passionate, talented, and just plain brilliant teachers on the planet, so you're only learning from the very best in the industry. With over 10,000 lessons with HD quality, Kelby One will make the hard stuff easy so you'll improve faster. Click here for more information.

Henry's Learning Lab: Live Events

For those how prefer a fully hands-on experience, our Photo Tours are a perfect match. These classes offer you the opportunity to put into practice many photographic concepts in a real life environment with the guidance of one of our expert instructors. These classes will take you to beautiful and exciting locations to capture images of animals, landscapes, people, architecture and more. Click here for more information about current and past events.

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