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You've got a DSLR or advanced point and shoot camera. Excellent. Now what? Let us show you the creative and technical skills you need to master your gear. From the first class, you and your fellow students will be rolling up your sleeves and diving into the fundamental camera know-how that matters.

Through a combination of talks and hands-on weekly exercises you'll learn how controlling exposure, depth-of-field and lens choice can enhance the stories your images tell, their composition and the quality of light that brings them to life. Along the way you'll get to know the dials and controls of your new gear as you never have before.

All that in five, two-hour sessions that will get you shooting, sharing pictures online and learning in a fun, team atmosphere.

Before you attend please get yourself familiar with the basics of your gear and please have an active Flickr photo sharing account.

Which course is right for you?

If you want to eliminate gear fear, this course is the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of your camera. In five weeks you'll be up to speed on getting the best from the controls and creative options your new DSLR or advanced point and shoot offers.

Photo 101: 5 Weeks

This series offers you the fundamentals that will allow you to take control of your camera and make light, shadow and composition creative tools that are in your command.

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March 09, 2012

By: Doaa

Before taking this class, all I ever used was the auto and scene modes. Using the manual or priority modes was a nightmare because my images always turned too dark. Now I feel I have great knowledge of how my DSLR works and how I could adjust the shutter speed, aperture and ISO to get the best results possible! I really recommend the class to everyone! We got great tips and tricks from the instructor, who is a Professional Photographer. I'm ready to go out and explore the world with my camera!

Photo 101: 5 Weeks

Photo 101: 5 Weeks

Our Photo 101 course is an immersive and fulfilling program for the aspiring photographer. In this workshop we explore many of the fundamental skills required to advance your photographic knowledge. Students will learn both the technical and artistic sides of photography in a group environment.

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Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies

Ed Robertson wanted to learn how to take control of his camera, a Nikon D7000, and stop shooting in automatic mode. Ed teamed up with Henry's School of Imaging and enrolled in our 5-week photography course, Photo 101. Our cameras just happened to be there to record the fun. Check it out!

Photo 201: 5 Weeks

This course is designed for individuals that wish to take their photography skills to the next level by exploring creative techniques.

Photo 101: 5 Weeks

Photo 101: 5 Weeks

Our Photo 201 course is an immersive and fulfilling program that focuses on more creative aspects of photography. This course will start with a review of the fundamental skills covered in our Photo 101 course and then build on more advanced topics including metering modes, exposure lock and advanced focus and flash use.

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